Traveling to London?

Looking to plan a trip to London?

I specialise in arranging bespoke experiential itineraries for people who are traveling to London.

I love talking to people about their individual travel plans, so please email me or fill out the Contact section here and I will get back in touch at a time convenient for you.

This could be your first time in this amazing cosmopolitan city, or perhaps you are looking for an alternative experience aside from the usual touristy spots.

Here is where a local expert Londoner can help. I can show you the London that you will never be able to see from the open-top bus, an experience that will show you why I fell in love with this city.

Let’s make your next trip (or all future trips) to be exactly what you want it to be. Let’s make each precious day away count.


  • Book tickets for the latest popular shows in town
  • Reserve seats at the best restaurants in this dynamic international food scene
  • Advice on special request themed walks (tour guide – me optional) 🙂
  • Arranging any trips outside of London (Brighton beach town or shopping outlet in Oxford, for example)
  • Personal greeting at the airport and arranging transportation to your selected accommodation
  • Suggestions on accommodation for all budgets and living styles (classic & luxury, or trendy & funky)
  • Arranging transportation around town
  • Visa and entry clearance advice
  • “Welcome Care Package” filled with my tailored recommendations for your trip and a detailed map
  • And many more…


All of this can be done on your own, but the important part is that I can help you get the best price, eat at the best restaurants, and save you more time.

Have a trip that you will remember.


My pricing will vary depending on the complexity of the trip and the number of days you are staying in London. Please get in touch with me or fill out the contact form here.

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