Lima Lima!

Unfortunately, I AM still waiting for the chance to travel to Lima in Peru.

But, I recently tried some awesome and imaginative dishes, Peruvian style, at the Lima Restaurant in London. This is a testament to the international food scene here at London, I was absolutely amazed!

Lima London

We arrived just on time and was hurried past a busy open kitchen with the Head Chef giving precise instructions to his staff. It wasn’t a very big kitchen, and I caught a glimpse of some beautiful dishes.

We sat at the corner of the room with a sofa seat big enough to take a nap in. I started off with the Clásico Pisco Sour,which really cleansed the palate. Then I decided to try different starters with my group. We ordered the Sea Bream Ceviche served with tiger’s milk, ají limo pepper, red onion, and cancha corn. Followed by scallop tiradito with yellow ají pepper, umami salt. I also couldn’t resist the braised octopus, organic white quinoa, botija Olive, with red shiso.




For mains, we chose the pork belly served in an interesting triangle shape and hake served with South American corn bread. The flavours were dancing in my mouth and I have never had these interesting combinations before.



Dessert was a no brainer, I had to see what was on offer! I chose the cacao porcelana Peru 75%, cinnamon cream to share. The cacao melted as soon a I had a taste, it was heaven for a chocolate lover.


Compliments to the chef for such an innovative menu, situated amongst the competition heavy Noho area of restaurants. Looking forward to return again very soon!

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